How to Block the Suns Heat and Glare Coming Through your Homes Skylights?

How to Block the Suns Heat from Coming Through your Homes Skylights?

Skylights are a great feature to any home. They allow natural light to come in and a clear view of the sky above, bringing the outdoors closer.

Yet often times there are drawbacks to these windows. They include excessive heat, sun glare and fading of flooring or furniture.

If these are issues you have found from your skylights, we are here to help. With a wide array of products and solutions we can hone in on your major concerns and take care of them.

Here are some ideal solutions

  • Skylight window tinting: Window Tinting will allow you to block the excessive light coming in, while also blocking much of the heat that may be coming through your skylights glass.
  • Skylight Ceramic Window Film: These window films are designed to maintain high visibility and high clarity as if theres nothing on the glass. Yet still block over 50% of the suns heat from entering your home. While blocking 99% of the UV that contributes to fading.
  • Skylight Shades: Shades are a great solution if you want to filter the light or block it temporarily. Window shades that are designed specifically for sloped or horizontal surfaces can be opened and closed by motorization or manually by a wand. Shades offer great solar control when closed, paired with the full effect of your skylight when opened.

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