Benefits of Retail Window Tinting with Finest Shade

Benefits of Retail Window Tinting | Finest Shade Window Tinting

The Top Reasons The Smartest Retail Stores Invest in Window Film

Window tinting for retail businesses can seem like a luxury. The truth is the effects of film can save you thousands of dollars each year in operational costs. From privacy to fade protection, find out why the smartest brick and mortar locations have jumped on the trend.

Energy Savings – Tinted windows can reduce the temperature inside of a building by over 20 degree Fahrenheit. That temperature difference can save on cooling bills every single day. As a bonus, your customers will feel more comfortable and so will be more likely to stay in your store and spend money.

Glare Reduction, Fade Protection, UV Protection – The sunlight coming in the window is more than annoying; it is probably ruining some of your merchandise. UV rays will sun bleach anything left in sun for a while. That combined with a strong glare will keep customers from ever buying those items. Window tinting can stop the UV rays and the glare, keeping your items in saleable condition and opening up more product placement areas.

Security – The “smash and grab” has always been a favorite way for thieves to get to your products. A quick hit with a pipe or a rock and a thief can reach in and steal from you. A good smash and grab artist can be in and out in a matter of seconds. Security window tints are an inexpensive way to get shatter-resistant windows. The film will keep the window from dropping out, thus protecting your goods.

Privacy – Not every business wants the inside of their store on display. It might be for the privacy of clients or it might simply be to add a mystique to the shop. Opaque tinting can make the windows dark enough that they can’t be seen into. Many of these films allow people inside to see out though.

Anti-graffiti – A layer of anti-graffiti film can save you thousands in replacement and repair costs. The film will take the paint, scratching, and even acid etching that taggers might try to do to your store. The film is simply peeled off and a new one applied, without damage to your window. As a bonus, graffiti artists tend not to return to a place where their work disappears quickly.

Brand Recognition – A tint that has your logo on it can be an excellent way to build brand recognition and attract customers. Whether it is a film with just your logo or a full tinting that has your logo built into it, a logo etched film will help you to get thousands of customer impressions easily and with a sense of style.

What kind of window film would help your retail business? What are you losing by not having the protection and benefits mentioned above? If you have any questions about the retail window tinting options we can offer you for in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, the Poconos, Lehigh Valley and Beyond, contact the team at Finest Shade for an on-site consultation. You can reach us by calling (610) 554-6338 or message us via form below.

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